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Dream Girl Nominated for Best 'Short' Short and Best Editing @ AOF/Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival!


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  • Interview with Actor Transformation

    Check out my interview with Actor Transformation!  

    We talked about my latest film, "Dream Girl" & even discussed some of my past work in films like, "No Match 57221", "Unlocked Doors", "Shemita" and more!

  • "Dream Girl" Film festival screenings

    Just got word that "Dream Girl" was accepted to its 3rd film festival! It will be screened at the IFS Film Festival in May. Super excited to be a part of such a great festival. I'm also looking very forward to being a part of the 168 film festival this year again and will be tackling the arduous, yet rewarding task of producing a short for the 48 hour film project for the first time! Had a great time on Dini's podcast last month and grateful to have another podcast interview in the works for April. It's going to be a great spring and summer of filming, filming and more filming. Who needs a vacation when you are doing what you love!

  • Interview with Vigilante Radio

    Click here to check out my interview with Vigilantes Radio!

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